Electric bow thrusters - Performance series

Through our numerous contacts with boat-owners and shipbuilding companies we realize the utmost importance of run time, energy efficiency and compact installation sizes of electrical maneuvering systems. Being a global leader in the design and manufacture of DC thruster motors, we have put in some serious development work to improve all of the above characteristics and create a new generation of DC thruster systems. As a result, our EMS Performance series was born to satisfy even the most demanding boat-owner´s requirements, for cutting-edge steering and maneuvering support in any situation. Our EMS Performance series incorporates innovative DC electric motors introducing the following unique features on the thruster market:


Minimized overheating and extended run-time


12 min/h
Much longer work cycle, with up to 12 minutes of continu- ous operation per hour. That more than surpasses the time constraint of  3-4 minutes per hour faced by all existing thruster brands.
20 work cycles/h
EMS Performance bow thrusters endure up to 20 work cycles per hour when run continuously for 40 seconds, followed by a 20-second pause. 
10 %
Up to 10% more efficient than existing thruster motors. That allows our Performance thruster systems to require lower amp draws and thus demand less from the electrical installation on board . 
5-10 cm
5-10cm shorter than existing thruster motors, which is crucial for tight installations 
less noise
Without fans for ventilation, so noise is les.
anti corrosion
Our new DC motors feature an improved anti-corrosion protection.