MultiSpeed P100 12V and 24V / 185mm

Operating time
12 minutes continious operation
Typical boat size
10.5 - 16 / 34 - 53 (m / ft)
Thrust Force at 10.5V
80 - 100 - 120 (kgf)
Output Power
DC system
12V and 24V
Propulsion System
Twin 6-blade composite propellers
Tunnel Diameter
185 / 7.3 (mm / in)
  • Extended run-time at any thrust selected.
  • Select thrust independently according to the situation.
  • We have accomplished the variation in thrust entirely through our innovative DC motors. This eliminates the need for additional and expensive electronics saving both money and installation space.
  • Our MultiSpeed Performance thrusters are equipped with temperature sensors along with multiple safety features such as: time lapse device, child control and automatic switch-off.