P100 12V and 24V / 185mm BOW THRUSTER

Operating time
12 minutes continuous operation
Typical Boat Size
11.5 - 16 / 38' - 52' (m / ft)
Output Power
6.3 kW
27.2 kg
Propulsion System
Twin 6-blade composite propellers
Tunnel Diameter
185 / 7.3 (mm / in)
DC system
12V and 24V
Thrust Force at 10.5V and at 21V
100 / 220 (kgf / Lbs)
  • Made of seawater resistant bronze, all shaft and bearing surfaces are CNC machined to 2/1000mm accuracy
  • Its hydrodynamic shape ensures low water resistance and thus less cavitation
  • Heavy-duty seal designed for separation of two media, combining excellent contamination protection and supreme sealing performance
  • Gear-damaging vibrations caused by the action of the twin propellers are minimized due to crucial vibration damping capacity of the seals
  • Easy to replace anti-electrolysis aluminium anode
  • Hardened spiro-conical gears, developed for us by leading German manufacturers. The precise elemental geometry leads to a quieter running of the gear sets and longer lifetime
  • EMS P100 is probably our most versatile bow thruster system. Excellent choice for 12-15m motor yachts and deep footed sailing yachts, whose owners require utmost reliability in virtually all environmental situations, yet appropriate for vessels up to 16m in length
  • Utilizing the same mechanical components as the even more powerful EMS P120, its smaller DC motor ensures better energy efficiency translating into lower amp draws and more compact installation size
  • Our skewback six-blade propellers generate less cavitation, which, in addition to the carefully chosen hydroacoustic design, results in great noise reductions
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Voltage (V) 12V and 24V
Thrust (kgf) 100kgf
Power (kW) 6.3
Motor, reversible D.C. Yes
Internal tunnel diameter (mm) 185
Weight (kg) 27.2
Max. operating time (minutes) 12
Size A in mm, see drawing 180
Size B in mm, see drawing 430
Size C in mm, see drawing 140
Size D min./max. in mm, see drawing 400/800
Size E in mm, see drawing 200
Size F, diameter in mm, see drawing 173
Size G min. in mm, see drawing 185
Size H, diameter in mm, see drawing 185