Electric bow thrusters - Standard series

As world’s leading manufacturer of electric motors specially designed for marine applica- tions, we used our unparalleled industrial experience to develop single and twin-propeller bow thruster systems. They can be divided in two series: EMS Performance and EMS Standard. In fact, both series share many characteristics, whereby the main difference is undoubtedly the heart of the bow thruster, namely the DC electric motor and the corresponding solenoid. 
Our Standard series lives up to the expectations of existing thruster systems, whilst possessing some characteristic ThrustEMS features. Most importantly, EMS Standard series is based on our trademark DC electric motors which allow continuous operation of approximately three minutes per hour, long enough to provide vital maneuvering aid regardless of environmental conditions, such as strong side wind, water currents, etc.


modern DC motors
State-of-the-art DC motors, developed by our experts specially for the ThrustEMS project
variety of propulsion systems
A variety of single and twin propeller propulsion systems and thrust forces, covering a wide range of boat sizes 
6 blade propeller
Unique 6-blade composite propeller, which is spline driven
excellent sealing
Heavy-duty seal which incorporates excellent sealing protection and vibration-damping capacity 
hardened gears
Hardened spiro-conical gears, developed for us by leading German manufac- turers 


  • All Thrust EMS electric motors are equipped with built-in overheat protection
  • Automatic switch-off depending on the settings
  • Protection against erroneous switching (aka children-proof setting)
  • Protection against continuous use
  • Detection by the relay, in the case of an interruption in the wiring of the control current circuit of the relay
  • One-second time lapse from port to starboard and vice versa prevents damage to the electric motor
  • Carefully chosen skewback design of the propeller minimizes vibrations due to cavitation
  • Rigorous anti-vibrational control and testing
  • Use of highest class SKF Explorer ball bearings
  • Double plane balancing of rotors
  • Optimal bearing fits and housing seat tolerances
  • No use of distributors or dealers, communicate directly with our production facilities
  • In-house manufacturing and assembly
  • We keep large enough inventories to satisfy product and spare parts demand
  • Direct commercial relationship with us as producers guarantees speedy deliveries and competitive prizes