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MultiSpeed Standard series


We started the ThrustEMS project with the ambition to design and manufacture thrusters which make the difference. Our expertise which includes the manufacture of over 130,000 DC motors for thruster systems as well as the introduction of our Standard and Performance series thrusters helped us achieve that. We saw that innovation on the market should come from the heart of the thruster, its DC motor. 
Our MultiSpeed thrusters give immediate fingertip control of three distinct thrusts for maneuverability in any situation. A MultiSpeed thruster provides the benefit of having three thrusters into a single one through our innovative DC motors only eliminating the need for additional expensive electronics. With a push of a button you can choose between three levels of thrust. Be it a smooth push of the boat in a tight booth or reliable support in a heavy cross-wind in the wrong direction, a MultiSpeed thruster provides the ultimate assistance for all boat types. 
For example, if 60 kgf is the normally required thrust, boat owners have the unique option to choose our MultiSpeed S60, which provides 40, 60 and 80 kgf at the fingertips of the boat-owner and 3-4 minutes of continuous operation. Smoother handling of the boat is now possible at 40 kgf. In addition, an automatic upgrade of the thruster to 80 kgf is ensured by design. That makes our MultiSpeed thrusters perfect for sailing yachts with long, full keels and for high-windage power boats catamarans. Also, sailing yachts with bow area which provides insufficient depth below the waterline should have their thruster installed further back. Often, it is one size bigger to compensate for the loss of leverage due to location. With our MultiSpeed range the upgrade to higher thrust is already guaranteed.

3 Thrusters in 1
A MultiSpeed thruster offers the functionality of three individual thrusters for ultimate maneuvering.
Upgrade in Thrust
Go one step further in thrust.
No Expensive Electronics
We have accomplished the variation in thrust entirely through our innovative DC motors. This eliminates the need for additional and expensive electronics saving both money and installation space.
Independent Thrust Selection
Select thrust independently according to the situation.
Proven Safety Features
Our MultiSpeed Standard thrusters are equipped with temperature sensors along with multiple safety features such as: time lapse device, child control and automatic switch-off.